Radical Productions

Radical Productions is a youth-run technology collective based out of Grace in Action Collectives. Radical Productions listens to community needs and uses their technology skills to create innovative solutions to complex community problems. Members have training in basic and intermediate computer coding languages, including HTML, Java Script, back-end programming, and Node.js. They are also proficient in graphic design and CSS.

In 2018, Radical Productions built truckSPOT, a tool to help our community track illegal truck traffic in Detroit that is breaking ordinances for idling and unapproved routes. To see the tool and to contribute, click here to go to truckSPOT.


Sample Work


In 2017, Radical Productions conducted a listening campaign and heard residents talking about trucks backed up on side streets, and the debilitating pollution in Southwest Detroit. They designed the Truck Spot app for residents of the Southwest Detroit community, to allow residents to record and upload videos of trucks idling in violation of the City of Detroit’s idling ordinance. Tracking this data will allow environmental justice organizers to get an idea of the cumulative impact of pollution on the Southwest Detroit neighborhood and its residents.

Community Projects

Radical Productions has been working with a coalition of Environmental Justice advocates to develop a sensor-mapping tool that measures pollutants in the area surrounding Grace in Action. Once data from the Truck Spot app and sensors has been collected, data will be tracked using a real-time mapping tool, which activists and neighbors can use to raise awareness about the level and pollutants in the air we breathe on a daily basis.


Radical Productions worked on websites for customers from 2012 - 2016. In 2013, Radical traded La Terraza restaurant a website for tacos and pop. 12-14 websites were designed and launched by Radical Productions in the 5 years they did web development work. At the end of 2016, Radical Productions began to focus on creating community driven technology responses to problems in their own community. This has lead to less customer-driven work and more critical analysis and community-centered problem-solving, involving the development of more app-based work.

Who We Are


Hector Is a junior at Advanced Technology Academy. He has been a member of Radical Productions for 5 years. Hector enjoys playing Soccer and Graphic Design. My hope for the future of Radical Productions is that we are successful and productive.


Madalyn is a lover of animals and watching action movie trailers. Madalyn joined Radical prodcutions because her dad is really into computers, and she wanted to know something he doesn’t. She says that she’s learned to love coding because its very detailed and she enjoys details. If you miss one little bracket and it will throw your whole project off. Madalyn hopes to go to college one day in the near future.


Esmeralda is a Senior at Academy of the Americas. She is a trained brake mechanic and her dream car is a Bentley. She is a member of the coding department at Radical Productions. She hopes to go to college and be an engineer.


Jessica is a Sophomore at Melvindale High School. Jessica is brillant and loves learning new things including piano and guitar. She is also a member of the balleforkolico Dance troupe in Southwest Detroit. Jessica has been a member of Radical Productions for a year and is very interested in computer coding.


Citlaly is a Sophomore at Melvindale High School. Citlaly is part of the graphic design team at Radical Productions where she has been a member for the past year. When not in school or at Radical Productions, Citlaly is playing soccer.