Through ongoing training, we create a pipeline for Southwest Detroit residents to become members of our network of cooperatives. Classes are also intended to allow any Southwest Detroit community members to learn skills, develop relationships and share and build creative space with one another. All trainings have a curriculum informed by a popular education pedagogy, are rooted in the Southwest Detroit context, and use the tools learned to solve community problems.

If you’re interested in being a part of one of these sessions, please contact the person named under each course description.

Cooperative Development

22 weeks
Offered upon request

This course is geared toward groups of at least 5 Southwest Detroit residents interested in developing a worker-owned cooperative. Participants will learn cooperative culture, business planning, financial projecting, marketing, branding and structure development. Each cooperative developed with support from Grace in Action Collectives will be invited to participate as part of the larger network of community-based businesses.

Contact: If your group is interested in becoming a cooperative and is based in Southwest Detroit, contact Meghan for more information at

Graphic Design and Social Change

21 Weeks
Usually offered in the spring

This class is geared toward high school youth ages 13-18. Young people will learn visual communication and explore creating design-led solutions to neighborhood-identified concerns.

Contact: Sean at

Coding and Community Organizing

12 Weeks
Usually offered in the fall

This class is geared towards high school youth ages 16-20. In this class, youth will ask and answer the following question: How can we use technology to find innovative solutions to community problems identified by residents? Students will learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, back-end programming, and Node.js. At the end of the class, they can apply to become members of the Radical Productions Youth Collective.

Contact: Talia at

Basic Screen Printing

12 Weeks
February Start

This class is geared towards middle school youth ages 12-15. Basic Screen Printing teaches youth how to take hand-drawn graphics and make them into digitized images. Participants will be exposed to the entire process of graphic digitization and screen printing. Each young person will end the class with 5 individually designed buttons and a t-shirt they print, which will be co-designed by all participants.

Contact: David at

Advanced Screen Printing

12 Weeks
May Start

This class geared towards anyone who has completed Basic Screen Printing. Advanced screen printing will teach youth the entire process of printmaking. Each student will learn to design, digitize, prep, and print their own t-shirt. Young people will end the class with 10 t-shirts of their own design to sell or gift to friends.

Contact: David at

Digital Privacy and Security

Offered at various locations throughout Southwest Detroit, and by request

Participants will learn how to maintain privacy and protect their information in our digital environment.

Contact: To participate in a workshop, or to inquire about having the Digital Stewards team present in your context, contact Nyasia at

Basic Internet Skills

Offered at various locations throughout Southwest Detroit, and by request

This workshop is geared towards Southwest Detroit residents who would like to learn more about the Internet. Participants will learn how to use web browsers, email, social media, the google suite, and video streaming and conferencing.

Contact: To participate in a workshop, or to schedule one in your context, contact Rita at