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Each year, 50 Southwest Detroit neighbors receive and learn how to use the Internet, some for the first time in their lives. A new cooperative is developed, an existing cooperative hires new members, bringing jobs, industries and living wages to the Southwest Detroit community. We truly are a network of people working to make life better for ourselves and our community, and your support is a huge help! We run on support from people like you. Individual donations allow us to continue to do work that foundations and other funders cannot or will not fund. Please consider making a donation to support the movement.

Help fund the next Southwest Detroit worker-owned cooperative! Each one costs $50,000 to create.


Covers one month of gigabit Internet for one Southwest Detroit household


Covers participation for one young person in training in a growing job field that will lead to a living wage job


Covers gigabit Internet for 50 homes in Southwest Detroit for one month

Shop Our Store!

Purchase products designed and made by one of the network cooperatives at the Allied Media Projects store.


The Southwest Detroit Equitable Internet Initiative team is looking for people to sponsor neighbors in Southwest Detroit with high speed gigabit internet. Each connection costs just $10/month
Interested? Contact Nyasia Valdez at for more information or to set up a meeting.


We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships and mentorships. Contact us if you’re interested in exploring a partnership with Grace in Action. We’d love to talk more.
Interested? Contact at for more information or to set up a meeting.